At Go2Power, products are what we build, but solutions are what we provide. We solve individual client issues with tailored and unique configurations combining products and services. In many cases, we are able to locate products that suit client objectives. In other cases, we develop our own technological answers.

A short list of some of our experience

Linear Power Supplies

High current (200A) and high voltage(600VDC), 10W to 1KW, 2 quadrant and bipolar 4 quadrant up to 400W, bandwidths up to 20KHz

SCR Phase Controlled DC Supplies

High voltage (1000V) and High current (1000A) AC to DC power sources up to 100KW – stand-alone and master/slave topologies

DC Switch Mode Supplies

High voltage (1000V) and high current (500A) AC to DC power sources up to 50KW with HF magnetics, up to 150KW with UPS and LF magnetics.

AC Power Supplies

Linear drive and PWM drive, fixed frequency and variable frequency 20HZ to 400Hz. UPS systems single phase up to 150KW three phase.

Switch-Mode Topologies

Flyback design, single-switch forward, dual-switch forward, half-bridge(d/d-1), full-bridge, 6 pulse, buck, boost, buck/boost, synchronous rectification, bi-rirectional AC/DC-DC/AC converters utilized in UPS.

Magnetic Design

HF magnetics up to 50KW isolated (up to 5KV) and non-isolated, ultra low leakage Inductance utilizing various winding schemes. Planar transformer design integrated into production PCBs. LF magnetics 5W bias to multi-KW mains connected.

Gate Drive

IGBT, MOSFET and SCR- style isolated up to 5KV. High CMRR optically isolated drivers for large IGBT’s (+/- Drive) demanding high peak current with de-sat prevention, high pulse trigger current for SCR’s – picket-fence and back door types.


Valve regulated lead acid (VRLA), Absorbent glass material (AGM) -type up to 200AH, series and parallel strings up to 480VDC to achieve various power and run-times.


Extensive experience with short circuit KAIC, seismic, EMI, surge, and thermal analysis. Product listings with regulatory agencies include UL and CSA across multiple standards.

At Go2Power, we know power electronics.
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