As a top power electronics solutions provider, we focus exclusively on determining and delivering the unique combination of products and services that best addresses each customer’s particular situation. As the marketplace continues its rapid evolution, we will seek out and present products good enough to be part of our industry leading solutions.

125W-250W Emergency Lighting Inverter

Our 125W-250W Emergency Lighting Inverter is available in capacities of 125 and 250 watts and is packed with cutting-edge features.

300W-500W Emergency Lighting Inverter

Our 300W-500W Central Inverter System has been designed to give users unparalleled ease-of-use, with powerful functionality.

1KW-18KW Modular Lighting Inverter

Our 1KW-18KW Central Inverter System provides an innovative emergency lighting solution for today’s complex energy saving systems, light sources and maintenance requirements.

ELCD 924 Transfer Device

ELCD 924 is particularly suited for use with our central inverters and can turn any lighting fixture into a life-saving emergency egress light source.

ELCD 1008 Transfer Device

ELCD 1008 (BCELTS) is particularly suited for use with our central inverters, transferring AC power between emergency and normal (non-synchronous) power sources.