Service and Support

Go2Power services what we sell. We’re committed to providing the highest quality support. Our internal field service group travels around the country to perform factory startups and routine service on our equipment. In addition, we also provide services such as battery maintenance or troubleshooting for site-related application issues. We bring years of site experience, working with general and electrical contractors to schedule and perform work from small to large sites. Our staff can quickly identify both site-specific and application-specific problems that may affect our equipment.

Some of our services include…

Battery Diagnostics and Measurements

Using specialized portable battery measuring equipment such as our Hioki BT3554, Go2Power can quickly diagnose defective or weak batteries. During every service visit, we:

  • Tighten all batteries terminations to the factory-recommended torque settings
  • Inspect for corrosion
  • Check for proper spacing for adequate ventilation for optimal thermal performance
  • Perform dielectric testing to ensure there are no cracks or damage to the ABS case

Power Quality

Utilizing state-of-the-art Fluke power analyzers we can quickly identify power quality issues such as problematic in-rush current issues, power harmonics or THD, power fluctuations such as surges and sags, multi-phase voltage and current imbalances, and more.

Thermal Scanning and Imagery

Performing thermal scans and imagery is just one more service Go2Power can perform to ensure proper connectivity for all electrical connections. Utilizing our portable hand-held FLIR equipment, we can identify loose hardware or connections which produce localized heating and decrease reliability.

At Go2Power, we know power electronics.
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