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Guy Teipel, President & CEO
Guy Teipel
Guy Teipel is passionate about practical innovation. Over 25 years as a power electronics pioneer he has designed and developed over 50 individual products. An unswerving commitment to practicality keeps Guy focused not just on the how, but also the why, of each new application.
Guy’s extensive track record of contributions includes: first commercial use of microprocessor-controlled portable plasma cutting equipment, first dimmable ballast in the 347VAC Canadian marketplace, and first multi-tap linear regulators for high-voltage, high-power, low-ripple power sources.
While working for industry leaders like ESAB, Lutron, and Lambda/TDK, Guy applied his creative vision to challenges as diverse as particle accelerator power supplies, plasma ionization high voltage triggers, thermal management systems, dimmable lighting ballasts, and battery impedance analyzers.
Guy delights in the process of driving projects from concept through production. Past designs include multiple topologies such as flyback, forward, dual forward, half-bridge, full-bridge, and 6-pack converters. He is proficient in magnetics design, microprocessor programming, PCB layout, thermal management and DFMA, to name just a few.
As Chief Engineer at Myers Power Products for 12 years, Guy designed and developed their full range of central emergency lighting inverters. This encompassed modular design and construction techniques, cell manufacturing, and quality auditing programs to ensure competitive superiority.
Guy is more determined than ever to find improvements in both cost and quality for everyone who comes into contact with his design efforts, from manufacturing personnel to end users – and every technician and installer in-between.

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