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As a solutions provider, we focus exclusively on determining and delivering the unique combination of products and services that best addresses each customer’s particular situation. Currently we consider the following systems to be the preeminent Mini inverters on the market. As the marketplace continues its rapid evolution, we will seek out and present products good enough to be part of our industry leading solutions.
Delivering powerful functionality and ease-of-use, this fast transfer central lighting inverter system contains features previously available only in much larger, more expensive central lighting inverter systems.
Sleek, compact housing allows installation in virtually any location. Optional wall-mounting bracket provides increased versatility. Rated up to 525 Watts, it produces a high quality, utility grade sine wave which ensures that the fixtures on emergency circuits will operate flicker free and with no loss of light. With very high overload and 2 millisecond transfer time, it ensures that any type of illumination technology can be used in the lighting design.
Innovative features include:

  • 325 or 525 Watts of pure sine wave output
  • Fast transfer system which is compatible with HID lighting loads
  • Pure sine wave output — very low THD
  • Interactive LCD display for easy information access
  • Programmable settings allow system customization
  • 4X overload rating ensures start up of even most demanding loads
  • Three distinct output types for field flexibility
  • Self-diagnostics retain critical data logs, saving users time and money
  • UL Listed to UL924, optional Canadian Listing to C22.2 No. 141-10


Micro Inverter
The next generation of pure sine wave mini inverters. This unit showcases the latest in inverter and microprocessor technology designed to guarantee compatibility for all LED, fluorescent and incandescent lighting loads. With standard self-diagnostics and 3 distinct output types, these Mini Inverters are in a class of their own.
Innovative features include:

  • 125 or 250 Watts of pure sine wave output
  • Compatible with LED, Fluorescent and Incandescent lighting loads.
  • Optional time delay for HID applications
  • Optional Infra-Red receiver/transmitter for remote testing capability
  • Optional remote panel for local diagnostics while remotely mounting inverter
  • Unique output overload designed to withstand initial load inrush up to 250%
  • Self-diagnostic and Self-Testing circuit standard
  • Industry leading power-up diagnostics to check for installation wiring errors
  • Three separate outputs for field wiring and load flexibility
  • Optional mounting configurations for recessed and grid applications
  • UL Listed to UL924, optional Canadian Listing to C22.2 No. 141-10