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Design and Development

Go2Power is your design and development technology center.
At Go2Power, products are what we build, but solutions are what we provide. We solve individual client issues with individually tailored, unique configurations combining products and services. In many cases, we are able to locate products that suit client objectives. In other cases, we develop our own technological answers.
Having the ability to design and manufacture absolutely original technology means we can offer clients unlimited choices. At Go2Power there is no such thing as an “off the rack” answer; if we don’t have it, we make it!
Company President & CEO Guy Teipel has developed over 50 products in the course of a 25-year power electronics career. Here are just a few of the product innovations he developed, refined, or enhanced.

  • Power supplies for focusing magnets in particle accelerators
  • Four quadrant linear power supplies
  • Plasma power sources for welding
  • Plasma cutting and ion implant systems
  • High voltage trigger sources for plasma ionization
  • YAG laser power sources
  • Thermal management systems
  • Dimmable lighting ballasts
  • Battery charging systems
  • Battery Management systems
  • Battery Impedance analyzers
  • PCM thermal management systems
  • Central Inverter Systems for Emergency Lighting

A few of Guy’s standout pioneering efforts:

  • The first commercial use of portable plasma cutting equipment utilizing microprocessor controls
  • First dimmable ballast in the 347VAC Canadian marketplace
  • The first multi-tap linear regulators for a high voltage, high power, low ripple power source for sensitive down-hole instruments used in well exploration

At Go2Power, we never ignore what matters most, the end product and its application. Always striving and pushing the power electronics envelope, we continue to find improvements through design efforts, from manufacturing personnel to end users and every technician and installer in between.