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What They’re Saying About Guy
“Guy is a wonderful combination of smart, practical and operational. He was great at coming up with creative solutions quickly and making things happen.”
Susan Hakkarainen
V.P. Marketing & Communications, Lutron Electronics Inc.

“I worked with Guy for ten years in the nineties, shoulder by shoulder, solving issues on power source development that component suppliers could not handle. Later we represented two organizations on each side of the Atlantic Ocean participating in creating a Global product platform of inverters. Guy has always shown in-depth knowledge in electronics and power electronics that he shared with others in the company we worked for. He is also an open minded individual who has a good commercial view to protect customer’s long term and business soundness for suppliers. I can recommend working with Guy to create good technical solutions for all your needs.”
Peter Budai
Consultant, B PETER AB

Guy has used me as a consultant for many years and on many successful projects. So it is with first-hand experience that I can highly recommend Guy.
Guy is both a skilled engineer and a talented manager. He has the ability to start a project from concept and carry it through the entire process to production and beyond. Not only does he have the engineering know-how to develop both hardware and firmware, but he also has the quality that is required to pull together personnel and all the resources that are necessary to make a product successful.
This, along with Guy’s passion, integrity and commitment make him an effective and highly valuable resource to any product developer.
Bob James
President, Embedded Works

“Guy’s experience in the design engineering of inverters coupled with his background in the programming of microprocessors makes him a great asset for any project.
His state of the art designs working with IGBT and Mosfet technology are exceptional! He can take any design and make it very easy to manufacture. Guy’s knowledge of circuitry and testing make his designs the best in the market.
Guy is self motivated, creative, intelligent and a joy to work with. He is a key player and contributor to any team or job.”
Al Havely
Test Manager, Myers Power Products, Inc

I have worked with Guy for over 30 years now. We met at EMI, Neptune, NJ, back in the late eighties where he came on as an Electrical Engineer & I was already working there as the PCB/Mechanical Designer. Working with Guy on Switching Power Supply Control & Inverter PCB designs was (and still is) a pleasure. I have worked with a multitude of Electrical Engineers in my 36 years in the engineering field and Guy is one of the best in my opinion.
Guy can solve any electrical control or power circuit. He’s got a talent for designing circuits that surpasses most engineers. He also has a keen insight into FPGA programing as well as SMT component selection.
Guy’s vast experience in the Electrical Engineering field along with his finely tuned business ethics and positive attitude make him a very valuable asset to any engineering team.
Greg Scheiderman