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About Us

Go2Power is a power electronics development company that places the highest value on product development and satisfying their customers product demands. It is simply not good enough to have the latest and greatest topologies, components, efficiencies and specifications without the product being exactly what the market and sales channels require for success. This product emphasis is what lead to the formation of Go2Power in December 2011 by its founder and president Guy Teipel.
Too many times a product is developed with sole focus on a micro aspect of the project such as a particular topology or technology. This concentration usually leads to products which are difficult to manufacture, too expensive, difficult to service, difficult to install, and in the end difficult for a company to have success with. At Go2Power we understand that a product touches so many hands – Purchasing, Manufacturing, Service, Installation, Sales, Shipping just to name a few. We develop products with all of those customers in mind – the internal customers and the external ones.
Our mission is clear – “To be the leading supplier of OEM products to the power electronics industry by providing superior technology and the highest level of quality through thoughtful design and development for all of the products customers”.
With manufacturing capabilities both domestic and offshore, we utilize our internal personnel and network of contractors and consultants to perform turn-key product design and development. With a very broad industrial, commercial, and manufacturing background, there should be no problems we cannot solve for our customers.